Dutch Friends of Nature celebrates its 95th anniversary in 2019

3rd December, 2018

Dutch Nivon Friends of Nature celebrates its 95th anniversary with a festival in June 2019.  Read more here and plans for the 100th Anniversary in 2024: PDF icon NIVON 95th Birthday.pdf

***Friends of Nature Day 2018***

16th September, 2018

It was in Vienna, on the 16th September 1895, that the Friends of Nature movement was officially founded with the first elected Chairman and the creation of the articles of association.

Today we celebrate the 123rd Anniversary along with other member groups and countries around the globe.  A day to be proud!!  For over a century Friends of Nature has been advocating the careful use of resources, respect for nature and a fair and just society for all.  Worthy goals which are as relevant today as they were in the last century.

So on this special day why not make a resolution to tell others of our work...?  If everyone could just recruit one new member we could double our membership and spread the word more widely.

A good source of information for the global nature of projects is our umbrella organisation Naturefriends International (NFI) which showcases the ongoing ethos of working co-operatively, together, across boundaries, towards a better world for everyone:

Happy Friends of Nature Day!!

*Today our house in Kirk Yetholm sends the second installment of 1000 euros to the work of NFI, 1000 euros each year for 5 years. Donations big or small will be put to good use. Who else will join us...?

and finally,

What does Friends of Nature/Naturefriends mean to you...? - complete our feedback survey here:…/a.80978407909…/1502912363119235/…

Earby Hostel seeks new manager...

20th August, 2018

The former YHA Earby Hostel has been completely refurbished to a high standard, ready to open as an Independent Friends of Nature Hostel.

There is the opportunity for the right person(s) to run the hostel as an independent business.

Applications are invited with CV and business plan before 15th November 2018. The hostel will be open for viewing Friday 14th to Monday 17th September 2018 inclusive between 10-00am and 3-00pm or by appointment.

For further information contact Earby Town Council on, or via:
The Clerk.
Earby Town Council,
The Parish Rooms,
Victoria Road,
Barnoldswick.  BB18 6US

Climate Fund: Improved stoves help protect forests in Guinea

30th May, 2018

Nimba Mountains Biosphere Reserve is situated in the tree-border region of Guinea, Liberia and Ivory Coast.  The region is covered by mountain rainforest, grasslands and savannah and is one of the richest and most endangered ecosystems of the world.  In 1981, the area was declared a World Heritage Site.  Since 1992, it is listed as endangered world heritage.
Extraction of wood and forest clearings due to the increasing need for wood of the local population are a big threat for the area and intensify the effects of climate change.  Wood is the most important source of energy for private households.  A major part of the wood is used for cooking.  Improved stoves, that save wood and emit less smoke, are an important contribution to climate protection.

The project aims at raising the awareness of local people for climate protection and the protection of the forests in three villages of the mountain region, as well as at promoting the use of improved stoves.

The project team of Naturefriends Guinea (Alusfade-Guninée) will supervise and support the people in the villages, inform about the necessity of climate protection and help with the construction of improved stoves. It is the aim to reduce the consumption of firewood by 60 %.  The reduction of smoke shall contribute to a decrease in greenhouse-gas emissions and in health risks for the population.  Needing less firewood will also mean more free time for local women, who are responsible for collecting wood.  Thus, women play a key role for a successful implementation of the project and will be actively involved.

A public conference on the issue of climate change shall contribute to draw the attention of the population to everybody’s responsibility for changing the behaviour in a more sustainable way. In addition, the conference shall motivate political stakeholders to implement measures against climate change.

Project target: 6800,0 €

Current donations (as at 30/5/18): 932,75 €

Donate Now:

Tounkarata, (see photo below) is one of three mountain villages where the project shall be implemented. © Alusfade Guinée

Tounkarata is one of three mountain villages where the project shall be implemented. © Alusfade Guinée

Austrian Naturefriends open school in Nepal!

15th April, 2018

Congratulations to Naturfreunde Austria who took the lead role in funding a new school for some 30 children in rural Nepal. It is great to see such positive action, especially with much of Nepal still recovering from the earthquake of 2015.

To see lots more pictures, find out more about the project and donate see their web page:…/vere…/erdbebenhilfe-fuer-nepal/ and fb post:

The project will need ongoing funds in the years ahead...