Northern Group

Northern Friends of Nature UK (NorFoN)

This group is based broadly in the Leeds, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire area.  Historically with emphasis on conservation work and hosting overseas summer camp work parties.  Currently the group is meeting on adhoc informal basis, see details below. 

A Message from the Northern Friends of Nature
At the 2016 AGM of Friends of Nature UK at Hartington, Derbyshire the Northern Friends of Nature Group was officially dissolved and there is now, no longer, a committee. However, it was decided to continue the Group in a simpler, ad-hoc manner. There will still be occasional events, walks etc. but an annual programme will no longer be arranged.

If anyone in the North of England would like more information or is interested in joining us on any of these events then please don't hesitate to contact me.

Berg frei,

Michelle Clarke-Edwards
T: 07776 487791/01652 648727