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1st July, 2019

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Friends of Nature drinks bottle... Refill it, DON'T Landfill it!

28th May, 2019

Just arrived from the USA! Friends of Nature branded original 'Nalgene' water bottles, the original and best hikers bottle.

Lucky visitors to our house at Kirk Yetholm can purchase for just £10.  We anticipate the bottles being available at meetings and our next AGM but sorry not by post/mail order. 

Nalgene have been producing bottles for some 50 years in the USA, guaranteed for life, indestructible(?), leak proof, it will be with you for life at work or play. Details:

Well timed for the Naturefriends 125th Birthday celebrations next year

P.S.  Austrian Snoopy loves his Nalgene bottle

125 Years of Friends of Nature!

16th April, 2019

Next year our Naturefriends movement will be celebrating it's 125th Birthday. A week long festival of events is being planned in Vienna with other countries marking the celebrations in their own way...

Check out the details on the new NFI Calendar which will start filling with news from both NFI and member countries:

Good to Know...

27th March, 2019

E-mail Alternatives – Green, Secure, No ads, Small is Beautiful...?

A number of smaller e-mail providers offer a positive choice to the 'big boys'. They all have different attributes: some are free, most have servers in countries with strict privacy laws; some offer possibilities for secure end to end encryption, all are ad free and several are community operated and/or green powered.

A few we have been trialling: Runbox (Norway) ; Tutanota (Germany) ; Mailfence (Belgium) ; ProtonMail (Switzerland) There are more...

Free, or for the price of a coffee a month, maybe the smaller e-mail providers are worth supporting in terms of the 'Internet for Good'?


Friends of Nature now on Twitter

20th March, 2019

We now have a twitter account, essentially used as a feed from our main facebook news page.

For any twitter users out there the link is here: